[USGCCP] USGC Operations CEO aUSGC CorpMVP of DADivine Assas posted Apr 14, 15

United Society Main Umbrella – 

  • The Umbrella is the one source for potential Sponsors to view numbers and Web Space the last thing we want is to do is confuse a potential Sponsor with Information not required unless he/she request it.

  • USGC Main Structured Organization is the Housing of all Alliances, Clans and Teams, built on Military Structure and Organization, USGC does not run any one entity. USGC is a Structure given to any and all entities to follow on Site and Competitively. It is the Job and position of the Entity leader to run his own agendas and groups according to USGC Guidelines.

  • Entities are Alliances, Clans and Teams that follow certain requests in order to become an Affiliate to United Society the main importance of entities are to show growth by logging into the site and posting on the forums, joining competitions, donating to the cause, and overall enjoying their new home. The benefits that they receive back are free Advertisements, free web page, Prizes, unity, Structure and growth towards their own entity. We also offer all tools needed to run and Organized Entity which are Forms, Pages, Advertisements and much more.

  • Sponsored teams are teams that are built within the Organization to compete in areas like Game Battles, ESL or Fragged Nation. MLG is a dream for many Gamers and we will offer a Sponsorship to the best Teams that can prove to us that they have what it takes to make United Society look good in these areas. We will Build Advertisements and Poster for these Teams, we will also Dress them up in Apparel of their unified design in order to compete Organized.

  • United Society must always recruit towards the site, understanding the way Sponsorships go is important this is why its explained over again so that Gamers don’t think that they are easy to come by but easily said the way to get sponsors is by showing traffic to your site this will allow the Sponsor to generate advertisements to his/hers site for Purchases if enough is generated the sponsor will then put funding or Prizes aside for the Organization. The more Sponsors we have the more we receive. Affiliations are also a type of Sponsorship, for every Purchase done from our site a percentage goes back into the Organization.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) is what United Society runs by we are unique in ways because we have a Tax ID that incorporates United Society as a Business because we are a NON-Profit organization we are exempt from certain Tax rules but we still pay taxes on our Items Sold. We are backed by an Export company that exports from vast areas of the world which is why our Items are usually the cheapest you will see them. Our mother company is Unique Items and Memorabilia which is where all Sponsor funding is stored for prizes. As we are honorable we are very honest and will say this, it does take money to run an organization this is why we ask for donations and by no means are they mandated but very much needed these donations are taxable and are given back to you on tax season AS LONG AS YOU CLAIM IT.

  • Store Purchases are usually Virtual but if by any chance you purchase a physical item from us please read carefully on the return policy as it is for your protection. If you do not have a Pay Pal we strongly recommend you to get one it’s free and is safe we only do business on Pay Pal because it protects both the buyer and seller from fraud. Our Affiliation sites like Amazon are full Pay sites so you can use whatever funding material you have.

Remember this is ultimately for you please take care of it as there are not many out there and most importantly HAVE FUN and progress through the Structure of Rankings each one has its Perks we are sure you will learn from them.