Mission Statement

[USGCCP] USGC Operations CEO aUSGC CorpMVP of DADivine Assas posted Jan 28, 15

Divine Assassins


We are a Community built off of respect, Integrity and Honor. Once in the Community you will be given a chance to work your way up the ranks and hopefully build up leadership skills that you can carry over into the real world.


DA is a community based gaming organization, it spreads worldwide, and in many different games, it was created back in 1998 by a team of professionals, STINGRAY being the top of the leaders has contributed years in order to create a vast community with honorable intentions which has proven itself time and time again. As the community progressed there has been good leaders that have contributed tireless hours to accomplish the mission that has been set out by the founding fathers of DA and has accomplished it with no regret. Leaders that have proven themselves worthy in many other Communities now have crossed paths with DA and created a competitive industry of Alliances called United Society (USGC) with this accomplishment we have turned the gaming industry into more than just a pastime but into an organized machine of professional and honorable players.


DA is a respected community around the gaming society not because of skills, but mainly respect. DA strives to recruit only willing and able soldiers that want to make leaders of themselves, if you see yourself leading a chapter or division down the path to Success then join us but just remember nothing is given only earned.


DA follows by certain rules and regulations these rules are put in play for many reason by following these rules your success in DA is building, these rules will at all times be followed otherwise there will be no existence for you in DA.

DA mission is to surpass all expectations in a gamers success by ways of building a leader within our community, by building this leader he/she becomes our next extension in gaming existence.

DA will follow all competition guide lines as well as respect all other gamers but understanding if we are disrespect please feel free to teach these exiles a lesson in destruction, always remember action speaks louder than words.


DA mission is to be respected as a community in the world of gaming.


DA mission is to recruit only future leaders that are hungry to be part of a growing Community. 


DA mission is honoring all challenges under proper Rules and Respect.


DA mission is to have FUN.